02915 Migraine Treatment

02915 Migraine Treatment

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Treating Migraines in 02915

There are few types of pain that are of the nature of a migraine headache. What makes the situation even more frustrating is that finding effective, safe treatment isn’t always easy. The exception is here at the office of Drs. Kenneth & Robin Rawlinson. Our 02915 migraine will give you the one and only outcome you want and need: relief.

Migraines can occur without warning. One second you’re fine, and the next you are suffering so much that you have to cancel your plans, leave work, and simply lie down in a darkened room. For many who endure them, they can have a profound effect on their ability to live a fulfilling life. Does this describe you? Well, whether this is the first time you’ve had one, or you are a chronic sufferer, our 02915 migraine treatment is the way to go. Prevention is not easy, because the causes of them are not clear. For some, it may be a particular sound our smell, being under stress or feeling angry, or possibly the effects of strenuous exercise that bring one on. Your brain’s blood vessels expand and contract, the result being inflammation and pain. Other factors that may plan into migraines are poor sleep, hunger, and overindulgence in alcohol. It is not uncommon, though, for people to have varied and unusual triggers. In addition to head pain, other symptoms that are associated are double vision, dizziness, problems with balance, and sensitivity to smells. They can last from “just” a few hours to as long as several days. Even the shortest one is too long, though. When you come in for an examination, our dentist will discuss our 02915 migraine treatment and what it can do for you.

Reach out to us right away and arrange an appointment. We’ll have you seen as soon as we can.

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