Implant Dentistry Riverside

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Dental implants in Riverside

Implant dentistry Riverside
Implant dentistry Riverside

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may feel awkward about showing off your smile. Other complications include less efficient chewing, shifting teeth, and misaligned jaws. At the practice of Drs. Kenneth & Robin Rawlinson, dental implants are the advanced way to replace those teeth and give you back all the advantages of a complete set.

How does our implant dentistry Riverside differ from bridges and dentures? Fixed brides are secured to the tooth on both sides of it with anchors. Placing those anchors requires that those two teeth are filed down. A crown is then cemented to each, over the anchors, to keep them in place. Meanwhile, dentures do not affect your other teeth. Instead, they are held in with clasps and adhesive at the gum line. There’s no way to ensure, though, that dentures won’t move or slide around, especially when you chew or speak. Our implant dentistry Riverside is different because you will get a tooth and a root. A titanium post is surgically put into your jaw, after which your bone tissue grows around it and fuses with it. The crown that is then cemented on top of it is your tooth, and its color is made to match that of your other teeth to blend in as if it were a natural tooth. It feels like one and performs like one, also. You won’t have any issues with chewing, even the toughest or crunchiest foods. Your dental implant always stays in place. Brush it and floss between it and your other teeth. With proper care, you can get lifetime of use out of your new implant. It will never decay nor ever need root canal. You should have a problem-free experience with it.

To take advantage of our implant dentistry Riverside, reach out to our office and schedule a consultation and examination.

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