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Riverside Cosmetic Dentist

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Veneers in Riverside

All it takes to significantly improve the look of your smile are the thin porcelain shells called veneers that our Riverside cosmetic dentist places over the fronts of any of your teeth that are not aesthetically satisfying. It’s part of our total commitment to beautiful smiles for our valued patients.

The process of getting veneers from our Riverside cosmetic dentist begins with a consultation and examination at our office. Because they’re a long term solution, it’s important that you feel sure about your decision. All your questions will be answered, and a determination is made as to whether or not you are a good candidate for treatment. Fortunately, most people will be, unless your teeth are structurally weak. Impressions act as the guideline from which the dental lab will make your veneers to a high standard of precision. When you return to have a fitting, our Riverside cosmetic dentist is dedicated to making certain that you’re 100% happy with the way they look and the way they feel. So if you need any adjustments, they will be taken care of promptly. The final step in the process is to bond the veneers to your teeth. Doing so requires that a small amount of tooth material is filed off so that all your teeth, including the ones with veneers, will be of even depth. The result is a natural looking smile that gives the illusion that you have replaced all of your teeth with new ones. You should expect to get from 10 to 15 years of use out of your veneers.

Pretty much any aesthetic challenge with your teeth, including those related to size, shape, and spacing are no longer a problem for you thanks to veneers. Please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment with our Riverside cosmetic dentist.

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