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Dental plaque in Riverside

When cataloging the threats and dangers to your oral health, you may think of things that are scary or painful, but you probably don’t think of dental plaque. And yet you should, because its at the center when it comes to many of the reasons that your teeth and gums suffer. Here at the dental practice of Drs. Kenneth & Robin Rawlinson, we can assure you that by paying attention to dental plaque, its causes and its effects, you can put the odds in your favor when it comes to preventing cavities, toothaches, infections, loss of teeth, and advanced gum disease.

Perhaps surprisingly, brushing your teeth frequently is one of the most effective, though simplest, methods you can put into action to mitigate the consequences of dental plaque. Our Riverside dentist office suggests that you do so at least every morning and every night, but it is far more preferable to do so after meals, too. Floss thoroughly between all your teeth at bedtime, also. The above strategy, along with eating nutritiously, and keeping your sugar and starch consumption under control comprise an overall at-home plan that works. But you also need our Riverside dentist office. There is no guarantee that you’ll be removing 100% of dental plaque. That’s because it is stubborn and sneaky, hiding in gum pockets and other hard to reach spots. There it hardens, becoming tartar, which you couldn’t eliminate on your own even if you could reach it. You need a professional teeth cleaning for that. Getting one every six months is usually more than sufficient to promote optimal wellness of your teeth and gums.

Is it almost time for you to come in for a teeth cleaning and complete oral examination? It’s a good idea to schedule your next one right now, so you won’t have to remember later. Reach out to our Riverside dentist office right now.

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