Riverside Family Dentist

Riverside Family Dentist

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If you’ve been using a different dental office for your children than for you, or you are getting ready to have your child get dental care for the first time, we encourage you to consider the benefits of having one office for everyone in your family here at the practice of Drs. Kenneth & Robin Rawlinson.

We can assure you that in addition to providing you with all of the essential services you need and want to have a strong, healthy set of teeth and pink, vibrant gums, along with a great-looking smile, our Riverside family dentist also focuses on the unique requirements of your child. From the first time those baby teeth begin to erupt, it is important to bring her or him in for regular six month visits to have examinations and cleanings. Eventually, those baby teeth will begin to fall out, making way for adult teeth to eventually replace them and to grow in where there were no baby teeth at all. Our Riverside family dentist monitors the transition closely to reduce or eliminate the chances of shifting teeth, crowded teeth, and other common complications. Most of all, your child will receive the compassionate, gentle, patient care that he or she needs to develop good oral habits in an environment that promotes positive attitudes about dentistry now and in the future. You deserve that same level of concern, and you’ll get it, as well. With advancements such as laser dentistry, it has never been more comfortable to get oral care. There is less bleeding, quicker healing, and less need for drills and needles. That should make anyone happier, even if you aren’t usually concerned about pain.

When we offer dental care for all ages, we mean it. Contact our office to book an appointment for you or your child to see our Riverside family dentist for routine care or to have a problem diagnosed and treated.

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